Sophie Kietzmann is a New York City based photographer.

The driving force behind Kietzmann‘s work, based in fashion and portraiture, is and has always been the personal desire for creative expression. Photography serves her as an endless source of inspiration and as personal, as well as professional, fullfilment. Through her work, Kietzmann seeks to acquire an intricate connection with each of her subjects. She explores social and personal topics such as sexuality, tokenism, gender identity, and the visual representation of the LGBTQ+ community with aims to guide her audience’s perspective and awaken awareness within their personal perception. Through this, her images not only evoke the observation of a subject but the deeply personal involvement of the observer.

2018 Vogue Italy GOLD Photographer

Her work has been featured in magazines such as Lucy's , Kaltblut, Moob, Incredible, Fruk , Belle Bridal UK , Intersection , WOW Magazine, Vanity Fair Online, GQ Italia Online, Vogue Italia Online and in British Vogue.

"Anaesthetics" BTK 2018, Berlin 
"When Ethics Meets Aesthetics" Vogue Italy 2018, Milan

For more information on Sophie's work or to get in contact regarding employment opportunities feel free to get in touch.

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