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Models: Hendrik Nowak, Kevin und Merlin Himmelheber, Gerold

Wunstel, Hans Siegmund-Schultze und Junes Sachtler, Jörg Moukaddam,
Franz-Josef Knipschild, Leo Eichler, Felix Rogalla

When portraying men there are approaches beyond hegemonic
masculinity worth considering. As seen in examining tokenism in
fashion, idealized images of men tend to serve the generation of
profit through advertising.
Within a female scope, this work begins with the male as an opposite.

The obstacle of this opposed state within the context of capturing
him is used as an imperative to find common ground between
individual and photographer. Allowing the subjects’ self-projections
and portrayals to fall away, what is left after a surrender are
the unposed vulnerabilities of masculinities.

Fascination within the beauty of this trust is what this work


Articles on this Exhibition:
Vogue Italia
GQ Italia
Vanity Fair


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