The capture of a kiss becomes a bridge for the lack of visual representation

of queer intimacy and love. Amongst the vast amounts of imagery,
we consume on a daily basis, the portrayal of love in any form,
shape, color, sexual identity and relationship status is imperative to
a world where anyone and everyone can find self-recognition. The
power of a kiss shared with a stranger, friend, lover or partner is the
epitome of the beauty and strength of queer culture. It is the celebration
of human desire and the ultimate connection between all of us.

Hair and Makeup by Emma Elizabeth

Talents: Anita Jane Pathammavong, Jess Miller, Djouliet Amara,
Susanne Morris, Mia Berrin, Shelby Keller, Kay Matinez, Gabrielle
Alexa, Rowan Hollins, Grace Aheron, Kyle Kisicki, C Mandler,
Nuur Salam, Shai Jones
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